Sunday, January 1, 2012

How to Support?

Please Pray for these last 6 months. This is priority. I can use prayer for my continuing relationship with God, my marriage, my family and my vocation post-seminary. I appreciate and covet your prayers.



Send a check payable to Flood Church.

Please write in the memo line: Andy Kelly Support.

Checks can be mailed to:

Flood Church

3878 Ruffin Rd., Suite B

San Diego, CA 92123.


Flood's Website - You can give online through the Shelby site that Flood uses for all online giving:

-Set up a Flood account on Shelby Webview

-Donate to my internship by choosing:

Grad Intern #2.

Through your Bank - You can donate online from your bank by clicking to Pay an Individual(or equivalent).

Under Payee Details

Payee = FLOOD, Nickname = Andy Kelly Support

Address = 3878 Ruffin Rd., Ste. B., San Diego, CA 92123

Phone = (858) 268-2330

Account Number = N/A (check off no account number).

Name on Account = Your Name

Under Payment Details:

Enter the account you want to support from.

Set up a manual or automatic payment

Category = Donation or Miscellaneous

Memo = Andy Kelly's Support


Words cannot express what your support has cultivated in my life and the lives of others. Through your affirmation, I have found a place where my passion for Jesus Christ is completely unleashed. Your support has enabled me to live out my Calling. I am forever in your debt for blessing me with this chance to partake in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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